Famous Logos

Famous logos make you instantly remember the company and its product. They are recognized and valued everywhere. The most common feature of all famous logos is their simplicity of design. Most of the famous logos are simple, attractive, and eye-catching.

Famous logos are not created overnight. It takes years of labor to make them ingrained on the mind of the people. Multi-national companies spend millions of dollars to establish their logos on the psyche of the people.

Today, the market is filled with numerous brands of products, but only a few products stand out from the rest. Famous logos are recognized beyond the boundaries of language, race or nation. For example, the blue and red ball of Pepsi would be universally identified, even if the name were written in an unknown language.

Famous text logos include those of Coca Cola, IBM, Volkswagen, General Electric, Fiat, McDonalds, Nokia, LG, Toyota, and Intel. Among companies that use famous symbol logos are Mercedes, Apple, Mitsubishi, Cadillac, Ferrari, Renault, Porsche, and Subaru. Famous combination logos include Sprite, Walt Disney, Taco Bell, Pepsi, Burger King, Jack Daniel's, and Mr. Bubble.

Most of the famous logos are planned with the perceptive of reflecting the nature of the company and name of the brand. With the intention of impressing customers of all age groups, famous brand logos are designed with utmost care. Companies spend thousands of dollars to design logos that qualify to be termed famous. To ensure that the logos are catchy, vibrant colors and stylish fonts are used.

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